Music Links

Band students can enter the activation code found on the first page of their book to gain access to the My EE Library site. Here you can find information about your instrument, watch the start-up videos, and play along with the pieces in your book!

Free online metronome for home practice.

Smart Music is an incredible music learning and practice tool. There are free elements available but a subscription is worth it. Works on chromebooks!

Free sheet music plus information on music theory, composers, etc.

Go here to practice naming notes and to learn about other aspects of music theory.

A wonderful website for students from an amazing orchestra! Learn about instruments, composers, play music games, and more.

Activities, games, and information for students from SFS.

Another great website with activities for students.

World class orchestra close to home.

One of the best FREE notation programs to write your own music.

Learn about music through game based on Benjamin's Britten's famous work. From Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures.

Learn about classical music