Elementary Music Program

Band | Orchestra | General Music

Arcadia Unified School District is proud to provide music instruction to ALL 4th & 5th grade students.

Students have the option of joining Instrumental Music (Band/Orchestra) OR General Music. All music classes are taught by highly-qualified, credentialed music teachers, with additional support from instructional assistants.

We have restructured the Instrumental Music Program to eliminate pullouts for music instruction. Students will not miss class to attend music.

Online registration takes place at the beginning of the school year. Please read the important information below to assist you in making your decision. Music classes are full-year courses, students are not able to switch classes mid-year.

Music Class Choices

Each student will choose one of the following classes.Please see additional information regarding Instrumental Music below.

#1. Band (Instrumental Music)

Students will receive instruction on one of the following instruments:

flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French Horn, trombone, or baritone

(Percussion is available to 5th grade students who have completed one year of study on another instrument in 4th grade)

#2. Orchestra (Instrumental Music)

Students will receive instruction on one of the following instruments:

violin, viola, cello, or string bass

#3. General Music

Students will study elements of music through singing, playing small classroom instruments, independent projects, technology, etc. General Music is a non-performing class. (There will be no concerts.)

Instrumental Music Information

The AUSD Instrumental Music Program begins in the fourth grade. No experience is necessary to enroll. Students who opt to enroll in the Instrumental Music Program will participate in either the Band or Orchestra classes, based on instrument choice.

Students are expected to practice at home and have the opportunity to perform in at least one concert per year. Fourth grade instrumental classes are geared toward beginning instrumentalists although accommodations will be made for students with previous musical experience. Fifth grade instrumental classes are geared towards second-year players, although it is possible to start a new instrument in fifth grade.

Students will need to provide their own instrument for the year. However, AUSD does have a limited number of district instruments to loan to students who are unable to provide their own instrument. Please click here for a list of local music stores.

Additional sessions will be held before school to support Band and Orchestra students. These “sectionals” will help beginning students learn their instruments and provide enrichment opportunities for advanced students. The sectional schedule will be distributed to parents/students in advance. Please note that attendance at sectionals is not required for students to participate in band or orchestra.

Classes begin in September. Information regarding instruments & supplies will be sent out via email or distributed during the first class. It is not necessary to have an instrument for the first class.

Elementary Music Staff

Elementary Music Department Supervisor: Paul Kearns,

Baldwin Stocker

Camino Grove

Longley Way

Band: Janet Smith,

Orchestra: Cindy Liu,

General Music: Emily Faris,

For more information on the BS/CG/LW Instrumental Music Program, please click here

Highland Oaks

Holly Avenue

Hugo Reid

Band/Orchestra: David Peck,

Band/Orchestra: Conrad Henning,

General Music: Christine Cameron,