Parent Portal

PowerSchool Parent Portal Information

PowerSchool Parent Portal allows you to:

  1. Support communication between parents, students, and teachers

  2. Access your students’ grade and attendance information. View end of term grades, historical grades from previous school years, real time attendance information, and access to current grade and assignment information for classes. Please note that not all teachers are currently using the grade book to calculate their grades, so for some classes, this information will not be available.

If you do not currently have a parent portal account, please contact your school office for the instructions and access code.

We’ve merged PowerSchool with Naviance Student so that you may log in to your students’ Naviance Student account pages directly from your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. Additional support documentation is available here: parents.ausd.net

Naviance Student allows you to:

  1. Get involved in the planning and advising process – Build a resume, complete online surveys, and manage timelines and deadlines for making decisions about colleges and careers

  2. Research colleges – Compare GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from our school for students who have applied and been admitted in the past

  3. Research careers – Research hundreds of careers and career clusters, and take career assessments

  4. Create future plans – Create goals and to-dos, and complete tasks assigned by the school to better prepare your student for future college and career goals

  5. Allow us to share information with you about upcoming meetings and events, local scholarship opportunities, and other resources for college and career information.

You will ONLY be able to access Naviance Student through your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. If you haven’t set up your PowerSchool Parent Portal account, you can obtain the instructions from AHS staff or at powerschool@ausd.net.

Instructions for connecting to Naviance Student through PowerSchool Parent Portal:

Please note, parents with an existing Parent Portal account should begin on Step 3 on page 3. Parents that have not created a Parent Portal account should follow all instructions but need to request Parent Portal letter for their student(s).

Parent Connector for PowerSchool - Template.pdf
Parent Asset_Naviance Student for Parents.pdf