Instructional Resources & Practices

In Aurora Public Schools, we believe that Educational Equity ensures that all children--regardless of circumstances--are receiving high-quality, grade-level, and standards-aligned instruction with access to high-quality materials and resources.


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Instructional Infrastructure

Collaboration Structures: APS Tight and Flexible Expectations 2019-2020
Data Systems and Structures: APS Tight and Flexible Expectations 2019-2020
Curriculum Components: APS Tight and Flexible Expectations 2019-2020
Assessment Strategy: APS Tight and Flexible Expectations 2019-2020

Grade Level Core Content

In APS, we have collaboratively designed a digital education strategy that serves to bring teaching and learning to life as we navigate fluid digital spaces. We will accomplish this by supporting teachers and leaders with the instructional resources, instructional tools, and professional learning that will allow us to better meet the learning needs of all students.

Each grade-level resource includes:

Instructional Cycle and Models - Prioritized Standards and Quarterly Standards Maps along with instructional strategies, methods, and planning resources for all students including our exceptional students and language learners.

Assessment Tools- Interim assessment maps for literacy and mathematics, assessment banks, i-Ready and MasteryConnect resources. Interim Assessment link

Planning Templates - Unit and daily planning templates.

Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education - Resources and supports for our English language learners.

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Visual Art, Music, PE, Health, Theater Arts and World Languages