Connecting with Augusta County Schools

Connecting with Augusta County Schools is an all access glimpse into the happenings of Augusta County Public Schools. Join Dr. Eric Bond, Superintendent, as he connects listeners to what drives the division in the best interest of every child, every day.

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Episode 6: Mr. Brad Bryant, 2022 ACPS Teacher of the Year

For this exciting episode, Dr. Bond is joined by Mr. Brad Bryant, the 2022 ACPS Teacher of the Year, and two of his students! Tune in to learn more about the Carpentry Program at Valley Career & Technical Center and how Mr. Bryant works to prepare students for the workforce and, more importantly, for life.

Episode 5: Shenandoah Valley Center for Advanced Learning

On this episode, Dr. Bond talks to Dr. Lee Ann Whitesell about the Shenandoah Valley Center for Advanced Learning which houses the Valley Career & Technical Center and the Shenandoah Valley Governor's School. Tune in to learn more about the program and the vision and goals looking into the future!

Episode 4: 22/23 Budget

On this episode, Dr. Bond is joined by Mark Lotts, Director of Finance, to discuss all things budget! Tune in to hear about the budget goals and highlights for 22/23.

Episode 3: "It's Not Where You Start, But Where You Finish."

In this episode, Dr. Bond chats with one of the newest members of the ACPS school board, Mr. Troxell. Tune in to learn more about Mr. Troxell's experiences and what excites him about the future of ACPS!

Episode 2: Covid Update

Tune in to hear details from Dr. Bond and Dr. Shifflett regarding the school board's recent mask optional decision and for an update on our continued mitigation strategies.

Episode 1: Giving Back to the Community with Music

Welcome back to Season 3! In this episode, Matt Baraclough, band director at Wilson Memorial High School, shares how his students have used their musical talents to give back to the community during the pandemic. Tune in to hear more about their recent trip to Augusta Health and the band program at WMHS.


Episode 5: Erica Cason, 2021 ACPS Teacher of the Year

Hip, hip. hooray! In this episode, Dr. Bond chats with the Augusta County Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Erica Cason. Tune in to learn more about Mrs. Cason's innovative approach to teaching and her positive reflections on this school year. Two of Mrs. Cason's fourth-grade students join Dr. Bond as well to help celebrate their teacher. Congratulations to all the 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year representatives.

Episode 4: "We are Excited for what the Future Means for Us!"

Dr. Bond and guests discuss the school board's decision of moving to a four-day in-person learning model starting April 15, 2021. Tune in to learn about the guidance and data that led to this decision and what the rest of the school year will look like in ACPS. This episode also features accompanying slides which display important CDC information and data points from March 13, 2021.

Episode 3: "It was a Huge Success"

Dr. Bond discusses employee COVID vaccinations with Dr. Shifflett, Deputy Superintendent. Tune in to discover the planning and preparation that took place to vaccinate about 75% of ACPS staff. A very special thank you to all involved in this process, especially the school nurses!

Episode 2: "It's a Collaboration Between the VDH & ACPS."

On this episode of the podcast, Dr. Bond is joined by Dr. Laura Kornegay from the VDH along with Ms.Carol Cash, Dr. Douglas Shifflett, and Mrs. Miranda Ball from ACPS to discuss how the hybrid/virtual model is being managed and maintained through the COVID-19 pandemic. Tune in to hear ALL that the Division is doing to sustain learning while keeping students and staff safe!

Episode 1: "We've Implemented Some New Technology!"

Dr. Bond is joined by Mrs. Kiracofe and Mr. Howdyshell as they explore the world of Canvas. Tune in to learn more about the Canvas platform as well as some family tips for utilizing this learning management system.


Episode 8- "We Are Looking Forward to Having Our Students Back!"

Tune in to learn more about plans for instruction, transportation, and health and safety for the 2020-2021 school year. This episode features accompanying slides as Dr. Bond and Mrs. Kiracofe discuss the division’s plan.

Episode 7- "Couldn't Have Written A Better Script"

Principal of Fort Defiance High School, Larry Landes, joins Dr. Bond as he celebrates his upcoming retirement of more than 40 years in public education. A mentor to many, Mr. Landes shares his experience over the years, as well as provides an overview of graduation plans for the division’s high schools. Tune in!

Episode 6- "A Work of Art & Heart"

This episode shines the spotlight on the Augusta County Teacher of the Year, Ms. Emily Hewitt. Innovation, creativity, and strong student relationships are at the heart of this teacher’s lesson plan. Hewitt shares her background and beliefs of education, and even shares a special message for her students! Tune in to this episode as Dr. Bond recognizes not only Ms. Hewitt’s outstanding dedication to the division, but the other teacher of the year representatives, as well! Special thanks to Principal Tina Bowersox of Stuarts Draft Elementary School for joining the episode from a distance.

Episode 5- "It Takes A Village"

Thanks to the amazing dedication of Augusta County School employees and the “How can I help?” attitude of community members, the ACPS meal pick up and delivery service served 42,204 meals to area children last week. This episode explores the overview of the program, safety precautions, and the extraordinary #AugustaCountyStrong efforts of so many people.

Thanks to our special guests Dr. Ron Abernathy (School Nutrition Program Supervisor), Mr. Terry LaFon (Executive Director of Transportation), and Mrs. Fonda Morris (Principal of Clymore Elementary School) for joining Dr. Bond for this episode!

Episode 4- "Great Kids, Great Communities!"

Dedication! In this episode, Mr. Collins enthusiastically discusses his tenure as a member of the school board. Currently serving as Chairman of the Board, he not only shares his reflections, but goals for pushing our division forward. Thank you, Mr. Collins for more than 20 years of service (and counting!) to Augusta County Public Schools.

Episode 3- "We Got This!"

Join Dr. Bond and his special guests as they discuss Augusta County’s plan for “Continuity of Learning” as we finish out the school year from a distance. Tune in to discover about equitable learning experiences for all students, WiFi opportunities, and a special message to high school seniors. We know that working together during this unprecedented time will continue to make us #AugustaCountyStrong. Thanks to Mrs. Kiracofe, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Technology, as well as Mrs. Ball, Executive Director of Student Services for joining this episode!

Episode 2- "Safety is our Top Priority!"

Safety is the guiding principle when it comes to transporting our Augusta County students. This episode highlights the work of the Transportation Department and how they keep students safely "rolling along" the roads of Augusta County. Executive Director of Transportation, Mr. LaFon, joins Dr. Bond to discuss topics ranging from bus driver shortages to the procedure for delaying or closing schools due to inclement weather. Interested in joining the transportation team as a bus driver? Make sure to listen to this episode to learn how YOU can join this incredible staff!

Episode 1- "All About Instruction"

Instruction is what it’s all about! Dr. Bond is joined by Mrs. Tina Kiracofe, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Technology, to discuss a variety of topics related to instruction. Tune in to discover more about the “Three E’s,” 1:1 technology initiatives, and the process of developing the school calendar.