JMG partners with Maine's public middle and high schools, community colleges, and our university system to help students reach their fullest potential. JMG serves more than 10,000 students in communities throughout all of Maine’s 16 counties.

JMG is the only nonprofit in Maine offering a continuum of support to help students transition from middle school through high school graduation, onto post-secondary education through degree attainment and connections to successful career pathways.

JMG Misson

To identify students who face barriers to education, and to guide each one on to a successful path toward continued education, a meaningful career, and productive adulthood.

Continuum of Support

JMG is the only non-profit in the state of Maine that offers a continuum of support. With 143 programs across the state in both middle and high schools as well as 12 colleges, students in JMG have access to support from JMG specialists throughout the entirety of their education, and beyond.

E.L. High School Core Program

The JMG high school core program is offered in partnership with public schools, and all programs are offered as a for-credit course. The primary objective of the core program is to keep students fully engaged in high school through graduation, leading to enrollment in post-secondary education, a continued education credential or training program, or a quality job with a career pathway. Some features of our high school program include:

  • A full-time JMG Specialist is trained, supported, and employed by JMG. The JMG Specialist delivers competency-based model curricula to 40 to 50 students per core program, allowing for smaller class sizes.

  • Each partnering school establishes a JMG Advisory Board, including participation from teachers, guidance counselors, and administration. Students have the opportunity to learn critical skills in leadership, teamwork, written communications, public speaking, time management, personal finance, work habits, and career development.

  • The JMG model also includes community service and philanthropic components, teaching students about the importance of good citizenship and giving back.

  • All students participate in the JMG Career Association, a student-led organization that offers additional opportunities to create a sense of belonging and to put skills into action.

JMG’s model utilizes experiential-based education through extended learning opportunities, including statewide student enrichment activities, participation in student shadow days at the Maine State Legislature, and opportunities such as college campus information sessions. As a results-driven organization, JMG vigilantly tracks and responds to the outcomes of our programs, always keeping students at the center of the educational process. JMG has a best-in-class outcome data information system. These outcomes, such as graduation rate, continued education rate, retention rate, and GPA, allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

A unique service of JMG that distinguishes our program from others, is our commitment to formal follow-up support of students. Through follow-up, JMG Specialists continue to serve students for a minimum of 12 months after graduating high school. During this period, Specialists provide guidance and mentoring to ensure a smooth transition into post-secondary education, training and/or the workforce, supporting students as they follow through with plans for life after high school.

E.L. High School Completion Program

The High School Completion Program operated by JMG is designed to serve youth (ages 16-24) who have left the traditional school system and are interested in completing requirements for a high school diploma or equivalent. The primary mission of this program model is to recover dropouts or re-engage students on the verge of dropping out. This program provides an array of counseling, employability and technical skills development, professional association, job development and job placement services. These skills taught often results in a quality job that leads to a career. Also, if furthering their education is important to them it will lead to enrollment in a post-secondary education or training program.

1.This program provides one on one completion support for high school students.

2. HISET preparation and support for students who want to get their diploma.

3. Credit recovery and mediation support services.

4. Opportunity passport support.

5. Follow up services and support for all JMG graduating students.

What to Expect

In JMG students can expect to be challenged in ways they may not be in other academic classes. Students have the opportunity to particiapte in career exploration to find a career path that really excites and interests them. Students will also learn job obtainment, and survival skills. How to both lead and participate as a member of a team as well as Financial responsibility and independence. Students are also given academic remidiation opportunities in JMG to ensure they are passing all other academic classes.

JMG also has a student led orgaination called the Career association where students have the opportunity to further hone their leadership and team member skills, and give back to both their school, and community.

JMG students are also given opportunities to interact and learn from business partnerships, have opportunites for internships as well as other employer experiences, and opprotunites to participate in both Leadership confrences and Career development through our annual Career Development Conference.