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ATTITUDE IT combines the best of local Information Communications Technology capabilities with the multinational product portfolio by affording its customers a choice of the renowned brands of computing equipment and a broad range of top-tier ICT brands which address every level of the technology stack.

Committed to providing computer-related equipment and services of the highest quality and technological standards. Attitude IT Consultants (Pty) Ltd was founded in May 2012 and it is intended to be a one stop solutions driven platform for all your ICT needs and commitments. Attitude IT Consultants is a 100% Black owned and managed company with a level 1 BEE Status.


ATTITUDE IT takes pride in its people, its company, its products and services, and its customers.

ATTITUDE IT acts professionally at all times and is proactive and passionate about what it does and how it builds the company. ATTITUDE IT invests in the development of its staff to increase its knowledge base and ensure that it supplies its customers with the best technical service. ATTITUDE IT ensures that all of its technical staff members are accredited in their fields.


ATTITUDE IT strives for efficiency, since this enables the company to do more with less, and in so doing ensure quick response times for its customers, whether these are stock turnaround times or the time taken to repair or replace a piece of hardware or Networking support.


ATTITUDE IT believes in integrity, employment equity, care for the environment, respect and human dignity for all. We reward performance and share responsibility at all levels.


In a constantly changing IT landscape, ATTITUDE IT believes that business flexibility is vital to success. At ATTITUDE IT, we have a ‘can do’ attitude that gives us the ability to make whatever operational or product changes are necessary to respond effectively to trends or opportunities. This culture of flexibility allows ATTITUDE IT to quickly on-board products to offer newlines or quickly meet customers’ changing requirements. ATTITUDE IT staff are both able and eager to seek innovative solutions to new challenges.

Established in 2012 to satisfy the growing need for information technology solutions in the South African market, ATTITUDE IT is one of the most respected, well-known names in today’s technology landscape. For as long as ATTITUDE IT has been in operation, it has been committed to a direct business model, supporting a passionate customer base of consumers, business and public sector market.

ATTITUDE IT product portfolio is structured in such a way that it caters for every possible technology need. This means that the company is able to address every level of the technology stack, cater for the variety of specialist vertical needs in the market and offer its customers the ability to choose between platforms that are locally manufactured to its clients’ exact specifications, or leading international solutions with a proven track record. ATTITUDE IT go-to-market strategy is focused on it being the easiest technology

organization to do business with on the African continent.

This shines through in its commitment to superior local Sourcing in all major business centers in the country; its in-house management of warranties and repairs; its door-to-door delivery and logistics service; the subject matter experts it has in place for each product and technology it represents and the high-level of technical support it has on tap through OEM Relationships.

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