A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a web-based learning tool that teachers use to post assignments, communicate with students, and provide feedback on student work.  

Your student’s teacher will be using Google Classroom this year.  This guide will provide an overview of Google Classroom and introduce you to some tools that you can use to support students learning.

Accessing Google Classroom

Your student can access Google Classroom using a computer (Chromebook, PC, or Mac).

Students will use their school provided email address to log in to Google Classroom.

Parents do NOT have direct access to Classroom, but are welcome to log in with their student to review course content.

Students can access Google Classroom on their AISD Chromebooks:

Classroom home page

Ask your student to sign in to Google Classroom using their school provided Google account.

The Classroom home screen displays the courses your student is currently taking.

Stream page

Click on a course card to open a class.

You are now on the "stream" page.  This is where teachers will post announcements and reminders.

Some teachers will allow students to post comments or announcements.  These comments are visible to all members of the class.  Teachers have the ability to moderate and remove comments as necessary.

Classwork page

Click on Classwork at the top of the Stream page.

This is where class assignments are posted.

Students will spend most of their time on this page, reviewing and completing course work assigned by the teacher.

Assignment types

Your students will see 3 types of assignments.

Assignment page

Click on an assignment listed on the Classwork page.

The assignment page is full of important and details about each assignment.  Students should carefully read the directions and guidelines posted on this page.

Guardian Summaries

Google Classroom offers a feature for parents called "Guardian Summaries".

The Guardian Summary includes:

Request & configure your Guardian Summary

Guardian Summaries must be enable by your student's teachers.  They will need to enter your email address and send you an invitation to began receiving this report.

Request your Guardian Summary:

Guardians won't get an email summary if: