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Get your RV Ready for First Use after Long NH Winter

See suggestions and checklist on how to get your RV ready after winter READ MORE

RV Insurance NH - See article below with helpful info for when you need to file claim

NH RV Insurance Blog-RV Insurance NH- What to Do if you are in an Accident?

July 6, 2018

Every insurance agent talks about selling RV insurance- but let's remember what insurance is for- to protect you, your family and your belongings. I came across a great article about what to do if you are involved in an accident with your RV, Motorhome or Camper.

Trusted Choice offers some great tools for consumers and here are some tips on what to do if you are in an accident with your RV. Before you are ready to file a claim, a few things may need to be taken care of first:

  1. Get off the road to avoid injury from oncoming traffic.
  2. If anyone is injured, or you have a wreck blocking traffic, call 911.
  3. When talking with police, explain what happened in plain detail. Let the authorities determine who is responsible based on the information gathered at the scene. READ MORE HERE

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NH RV Insurance Blog

The Do's and Don'ts of Driving with a Trailer May 15, 2018

​See great article by Foremost Insurance Creative Team

Whether you're taking a road trip or taking the family camping, driving with a trailer can be a challenge. According to, when you add a trailer to your vehicle, the overall handling and rules of driving dramatically change. Using your hitch to tow your favorite travel trailer means you should give yourself more time to slow down and turn corners. It's important that drivers of all experience use trailer brakes to decrease speed evenly with the added weight that's being towed. And, READ MORE

7 Gadgets to Bring With you in your RV

You know that taking to the road in your RV is fun – that’s why you do it! But vacationing on the road can have its troubles, like dead batteries, flat tires and missed destinations because of wrong directions. Wouldn’t it be great if there were tools and gadgets to help avoid these situations? READ MORE HERE NH RV INSURANCE BLOG

Tips for safe driving in your RV

With spring just around the corner, it’s a great time for a “spring break” RV trip. Whether you’re heading to the White Mountains or planning your getaway a lot farther from home, you’ll want to make the trip safely. Here are some great tips to help you get out there and back without worry, because nothing can ruin an RV trip faster than trouble on the road. READ MORE HERE

March 3, 2018 NH RV Insurance Blog Article

Getting the Right NH RV Insurance Coverage for your RV, Camper or Motor home in NH is important. We suggest you work with an agent that specializes in RV insurance. Not only do you need to make sure your insurance provides coverage for damage your RV- but you also need to protect your family, passengers, guests, pets and belongings. READ MORE

NH RV Insurance News- See Article about RV Sales and Rentals

February 13, 2018

Today Americans work hard and they are looking for a fun vacation. What better way to have fun then a week away in an RV! Now people are not just buying RV's- but they are also renting them. Read More

NH RV Insurance Blog Post January 30, 2018

It's winter- why do I need to worry about my RV Insurance?

Here in NH RV's are put to the test. We get those hot & humid summers, followed by a beautiful fall then a long cold icy winter that can last up to 6 months! Now is a great time to think about doing a checkup on your RV insurance.

Here are 5 things you should ask your NH RV Insurance Agent!

If you want to learn more about RV Insurance- or if you want a New Hampshire RV Insurance Quote please call us at 603-882-2909 or visit our NH RV CAMPER Quote Page.

Steve Donohue is a licensed NH RV Insurance Agent and the owner of Atlantic Insurance & Benefit Company in Nashua NH.

  1. Are my RV's options covered? This may sound like a simple question- but it's worth asking. The #1 claim for RV's is the awning! Manual crank awnings range from $250 to $600 while motorized awnings can be over $2500. Now that you have found out if options are covered- how much..? Make sure you have enough for your tanks, spare tire, awnings as well as any electrical, solar panels, jacks, bike rack. Finding out you are under-insured AFTER a claim really hurts.
  2. What about Personal Property? Think bikes, laptops, Camping & Fishing gear, (hey the I-phone X is $1000 !) The weird thing about personal property is something your homeowner's policy covers it- and the RV policy does not- check it out!
  3. Is Roadside Assistance Included- and for How Much? Once again this is NOT the kind of thing you want to find out that your NH RV insurance agent has skimped on. Guess what- it's affordable- and if you get stuck on the side of the highway - or way out in the boondocks you will kick yourself for not having it.
  4. What kind of coverage do I have- Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value ? I won't go into all the differences here- but her's a hint Replacement Cost is better! As a NH RV Insurance Agency that specializes in this type of coverage- we have an insurer that has a fantastic feature that will pay to replace your RV with a new one - call us- 603-882-2909- and we can explain in more detail.
  5. What kind of Liability Protection do I have? Depending upon how you use the RV or Camper your liability protection needs will vary. Are you on the road going long distance-- or is your RV in a campground most of the year? An RV insurance agent specialist can make sure you have the kind of coverage that you need.

How do Insurance Companies come up with NH RV Insurance Rates?

by Steve Donohue RV Insurance Agent Nashua, NH January 31, 2018

This is a good question- here in New Hampshire RV Insurance rates are calculated using a bunch of different factors including:

  • Your driving record- including Motor Vehicle Accidents & Traffic Violations
  • Your experience driving an RV or Motor Home
  • Where you live-AND- where RV will be garaged/kept
  • Age of RV/Motor home
  • Type of RV
  • How far and often you drive
  • The amount of insurance you buy (collision/liability/endorsements)
  • Any past RV Claims you have filed

Any good RV Insurance Agent in NH or MA will take the time to get to know you- and ask questions to help determine the amount and type of RV insurance you need,.

If you want a NH RV Insurance Quote or want to learn more about the different kinds of NH RV or Motorhome Insurance that are available you can contact Atlantic Insurance & Benefit Co. in Nashua, NH at 603-882-2909.

How much does RV Insurance Cost in NH & MA?

by Stephen Donohue NH RV Insurance Specialist February 2, 2018

This is a good question.

RV insurance costs vary state to state. Of course RV Insurance costs based upon what kind of motorhome or RV you are looking to insure- along with other rating factors.

Trusted Choice offers an annual list of the BEST and WORST states for RV insurance. (here)

Best States (Median Annual Premium)

  • North Carolina $860
  • Massachusetts $1128

Worst States (Median Annual Premium)

  • Michigan $4490
  • Louisiana $2912

While NH is not listed in the study- we find that RV Insurance Costs in NH are SIMILAR to RV Insurance in MA.

If you want an RV Insurance quote for your New Hampshire or MA Motor Home Camper or RV please call us toll- free at 1-888-882-2909- or complete NH RV Insurance quote request form here.

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If you need RV Insurance for your New Hampshire or MA Fifth wheel, Airstream, Jayco or any kind of Motor Home Camper or RV please call us at 603-882-2909- or complete our NH RV Insurance quote request form.