Frequently asked questions

Can I get a camera installed at my house or business?

At this time, APF does not install Operation Shield devices on private property. However, depending on street pole availability near your home or business, it may be possible for you to sponsor the installation of a camera in very close proximity. Please contact the Operation Shield administrator at APF to learn more.

Can I view footage captured on a camera that I sponsored?

No. The footage and data captured by all Operation Shield Devices is owned and controlled by APD and it is not shared outside of law enforcement circles.

If I sponsor a camera, does that mean I own it?

No. Once installed, Operation Shield devices are regulated by and gifted to the City of Atlanta. APF, and the City have MOU's with various strategic partners who assist with the installation, maintenance and operation of the devices, and sponsors do not have have any influence or ownership of a device once installed.

Who do I call to report a camera problem?

Contact APF and ask for the Operation Shield administrator.

Can I pick the location where I want to sponsor a camera?

Yes and No. As the sponsor of a device, you can work with APF's Operation Shield administrator to identify preferred locations for installation. Sponsorship can occur in two ways, (short-term /3yr and long-term /4yrs and beyond) and location options vary between the two. Additionally, street pole availability, police needs, and device saturation influences location selection. Please contact APF's Operation Shield administrator to learn more.

How much will a license plate reader cost me?

Through a new partnership with Flock Safety, APF is now offering license plate readers for $8,200. Please contact APF's Operation Shield administrator to learn more.

What type of cameras do you offer?

We are currently offering two types of surveillance cameras. Both are manufactured by Axis and and their costs are: PTZ - $11,200 or Quad - $12,700. To learn the differences between the two devices see the camera section of this site. To learn more about the pricing and devices, please contact APF's Operation Shield administrator.

How long does it take to get a device installed?

It generally takes 90-120 days to get a device installed.