Mrs. Payne

Welcome to 6th Grade!

I am excited to begin a new year with you and look forward to a partnership engaging your students with English Language Arts (ELA) and Science.

We are using MyPerspectives and engaging in whole class instruction, small group engagement, as well as independent practice covering units about Childhood, Animal Allies, and Modern Technology.

Animal Allies Essential Question: What qualities do humans and animals share that help them to relate to one another? (pgs. 90-183)

Writing Prompt: What qualities do Jane Goodall and Pamela S. Turner believe animals and humans share? (pgs. 128-133)

Science will follow the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and cover life science, earth science, as well as physical science integrated throughout the year and incorporate engineering practices and project based learning techniques.

Heredity Unit: DNA, allele combinations, probability, dominant/recessive traits, and embryology development.

Daily Homework: Read 30 minutes each day and complete the daily Reading Log Prompt.

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~Mrs. Payne

6th Grade ELA/Integrated Science