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Welcome to our 5th grade Website!

We all remember our 5th grade year - it's such a huge developmental stage! It's the time when kids start to develop their own sense of self and what makes them truly unique. It's also the last year with one teacher and a small group of classmates before moving onto the Middle School.

In our class, we want to make this a big year - a year of growth, learning, confidence building, and discovering the best in ourselves. We learn a LOT, we have fun, we go on trips, we support each other, and we always do our best each and every day.

Our class is a place where the unique aspects in each of us is celebrated, we support each other, and we work together. We are challenged to go above and beyond, and we are supported when we need that extra boost to succeed. Our goal is to move forward, stronger than we have ever been, and ready for the challenges we will face tomorrow and beyond!

Thank you friends and families, for helping us along the way!

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