Welcome to the Imaging Lyceum at Arizona State University! The Lyceum (Ancient Greek: Lykeion) was the ancient school of philosophy founded by Aristotle in 335 BC in Athens, Greece. It was known for its emphasis on collaborative research, studied a wide variety of topics from metaphysics to ethics to biology and optics, and organizationally led by students.

Our Imaging Lyceum emulates this model by focusing on transdisciplinary imaging through a novel mixture of optics, computational imaging and photography, computer vision and machine learning, and sensors. Our investigations aim to create new visual experiences and digital media, question the nature of representation and images using tools from analytic and continental philosophy, and re-imagine imaging for the 21st century. We also explore questions regarding STEM + Arts/Humanities (STEAM) and engineering education, and qualitative research methods. 

The group is always interested in interacting with new students, and welcome students from both engineering, science, arts, and humanities background. We have opportunities for both short and long-term projects in our lab. Feel free to get in touch with Dr. Suren Jayasuriya for more information! 

Funding Acknowledgements: The Imaging Lyceum would like to acknowledge all its sponsors and funding agencies which have supported its research and education mission over the years.