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Papers under Review

Seeing Blue in Black and White: Race and Perceptions of Officer-Involved Shootings’ (with Hakeem Jefferson and Josh Pasek) [Revise and Resubmit]

Working Papers

‘From a Central Organizing Idea in a Frame to a Central Organizing Idea in the Brain: The Psychology of Framing Effects Revisited’

‘Do Elite Frames Trump Institutional Design? Unpacking the Dynamics of Support for Global Governance’

‘It’s Popular to Be Populist! The Social Desirability of Populist Attitudes’ (with Christopher Wratil)

‘Divided by Culture: Partisan Imagery and Political Evaluations’ (with Stuart Soroka and Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice)

‘Unpacking the Racial Divide in Officer-Involved Shootings: What Can Reactions to Witness Statements Tell Us?’ (with Hakeem Jefferson and Josh Pasek)

‘From Dog Whistles to Bullhorns: Racial Rhetoric in U.S. Presidential Campaigns, 1984-2016’ (with Nicholas Valentino and James Newburg)