What are CS and CSE capstone projects?

Capstone is a senior design course for Computer Science (focused on software development) and Computer Systems Engineering (focused on embedded systems development) undergraduate students. This course serves as a showcase of their skills and educates them on the transition from the academic world to the professional world.

Students work in teams of 4-5 on an industry sponsored project for 2 semesters. This provides a real-world experience to undergraduate students, and develops their professional skills in a low-risk environment.

This department does not charge a fee to participate in the capstone program, we only ask for your time and support of our students in their capstone learning experience.

Projects must meet requirements for Unpaid Internships under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Here are some examples of projects from the Spring 2020 Semester.

Why should I sponsor a capstone project?

Recruitment - promote your company and attract the best students!

Extended Interview - capstone projects allow you to evaluate candidates for employment over 2 semesters, at very low risk and minimal cost (only your time!)

Develop your management experience - project contacts can develop their management skills by working with student teams in a low-risk environment.

Work product - get some of those "nice to have" projects finished that you never seem to have time for! This is an educational experience for the students first, so completed projects are not guaranteed, and a capstone team should not be used to augment your staff or contribute to time or business critical development efforts.

I have a sensitive project idea, what about NDAs and Intellectual Property?

The Arizona Board of Regents policy on Intellectual Property (Policy 6-908) states that student-created works are the property of the student. You can require Non-Disclosure Agreements and Intellectual Property waivers as part of the project, but these must be noted and included in your proposal. ASU will not provide the agreement forms, and these agreements will be between your organization and the students, not between your organization and ASU.

A non-compete agreement is not appropriate for an academic experience and students will not be asked to sign such agreements.

What will I be expected to contribute?

- Present a clear vision for project goals and deliverables.

- Provide necessary hardware or software to accomplish the project.

- Be responsive to student questions within 1 business day.

- Participate in regular progress reviews with the student team (every 2 weeks).

- Complete feedback and team evaluations (every 8 weeks). Please reference this evaluation rubric.

What should I expect from the student team?

- Each student should contribute 8-10 hours per week on the project.

- The team should organize a status meeting with every 2 weeks and maintain open channels of communication.

- The team should be mostly self-managed by setting goals, asking questions, and completing tasks in a timely manner.

How do I apply?

To submit a project proposal for the capstone course, complete this form: Project Proposal Submission

The deadline for submission is the first day of classes for each semester (including Summer C session).

Before starting the online form, you should prepare the following information:

Contact information for proposer and project contact.

Project Description including:

- Please give a short title to identify the project, and provide a description which would provide the proposal reviewers and the students enough detail to understand the problem to be solved and the challenges of the project.

- Describe the student learning experience. Provide insight into what the students would learn by working on this project. Also provide a description of the expected frequency of meetings, meeting modalities/locations, and level of sponsor involvement in the project.

- Detail the project deliverables. Provide a list of what artifacts the students must deliver by the end of the two semester sequence. If possible specify the deliverables for each semester (1 semester = ~15 weeks)

- Describe desired background. Describe the expected knowledge of specific programming languages, operating systems, or technologies for the project. Provide the minimum background as well as those skills that will be a plus to have. Also, is the project strictly software-based or will the students need to have an understanding embedded systems or other hardware knowledge?

- Maximum team size. Ideally teams are no larger than 5. Please let us know if you require a smaller team of students.

Required Agreements

- Provide a copy of any non-disclosure agreement and/or intellectual property agreement that the students would be required to sign. Any agreements must be provided by the proposer.

Extra Information

- Feel free to include any other information or support material that will provide insight into the project for the proposal reviewers and students. The more information you can provide the students to help them understand the problem and be motivated to work on the project, the more likely your project will be selected by the students.

Can I see some examples of proposals?

Click here to view the catalog of proposals from Spring 2019.

Here are some examples of completed projects from the Spring 2020 Semester.

What happens after I apply?

First week of the semester - students review project proposals and choose their favorites.

Second week of semester - Faculty assign teams based on student preferences. After assignment is complete, the coordinator will notify you of your team assignment, or if your project was not chosen.

Third week - Student teams should contact you to setup the first meeting and recurring bi-weekly progress meetings throughout the semester.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Contact Ryan Meuth at Ryan.Meuth@asu.edu