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Numerology is a science, primarily based on the study of the numbers and names. It is also known as Nameology, Numberology, etc.

While Astrology talks about position of the 9 planets and their effect on the 12 Zodiac signs, Numerology is a scientific study of the effect of each Zodiac sign aligned to the 9 planets, culminating in the sum total of 108 (9 Planets x 12 Zodiacs = 108)

Both of them are believed to have originated from India from the Shastras. There are 2 wings in the Shastras viz., Mantra Shastra and Tantra Shastra. While Voodo, Black magic and a branch of Buddhism originated from Tantra Shastra, Numerology and Astrology have their roots originating from Mantra Shastra.

When a person is born, their date of birth is added and brought to a single digit, which becomes the BIRTH NUMBER of the person. Similarly, the sum total of Date + Month + Full Year (categorized as DMFY) becomes the (Corporal) FATE NUMBER of the person.

For instance, if someone is born on 12.07.1989, their birth number would be 3 (12 = 1+2 = 3) and their Fate number would be (12 + 7 + 1989 = 46, 4+6 = 10 i.e. 1) So, the birth number and fate number of the person born on 12.07.1989 is 3 & 1.

In order to study their life, we need to know the particular characteristic of the number 12. Although 3, 12, 21 and 30 have the value of 3, each date is distinct and different from other 3 numbers. So is the case with all the dates from 1 to 31. In the above case of 12.07.1989, the time of birth and place of birth also needs to be factored in to see whether the name of the person is in harmony with their numbers or are they antagonistic, etc... If the person whose study is being done is married, then the date and time of marriage along with corresponding details of their spouse also needs to be studied to arrive at the right conclusions.

In order to arrive at correct conclusions and suggest remedies, a deep study is required and it is worth the time consumed. One can suggest ways and means to face one’s life with more confidence, if a deep analysis and study is done as thoroughly as stated above by a renowned Numerologist.

An expert Numerologist will be in a position to help if someone needs proper guidance and help in facing difficult and insurmountable problems in life.

The question arises where one should seek help and guidance, whether from a renowned Astrologer or a certified and renowned Numerologist. This choice is best left to the seeker. While both are wonderful sciences, the chances of accuracy is tilted towards Numerology because in Astrology, the exact time of birth is critical and crucial while it is not so in the case of Numerology.

A well certified and renowned Numerologist should be approached primarily from the time the child is born because NAMING is very important and name is nothing but digital technology because every letter has a numerical value. Then comes putting him in school for his education. The date you put him is again numbers. The date of joining will determine to a greater extent the outcome. The house is known by a number, the plot of a piece of land has a plot/survey number, office address has a number, your travel date has a number, while starting business, while getting married, everywhere numbers play a predominant role. Who else is better qualified and has better knowledge than a good Numerologist?