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Top 5 Educational Thinkers and ChangeMakers of FaceBook

MindShift -Exploring the future of learning in all its dimensions - covering cultural and technology trends, groundbreaking research, and innovations in education.

Edutopia - Inspiration and information for what works in education.

Curriculum 21 - Curriculum 21 is the outgrowth of the work of a dynamic group of educators worldwide attempting to help colleagues transform curriculum and school designs to match the needs of 21st century learners.

Cult of Pedagogy - A community of people obsessed with education.

Teaching Channel - Teaching Channel is a thriving online community where educators can watch, share, and learn diverse techniques to help every student grow.

Standards-Based Learning and Grading- FaceBook

Standards-Based Learning and Grading - Facebook page started by Ken O’Connor. Consultants (Tom Schimmer, Tom Guskey, Lee Ann Jung, etc.) as well as teachers worldwide seek and offer advice to questions that you’re probably asking yourself.

Teachers Going Gradeless- FaceBook

Teachers Going Gradeless - This is a FaceBook group of teachers from around the world who are providing feedback rather than grades to help students grow as learners. This page is geared toward middle and high school teachers.

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Jo Boaler’s How to Learn Math - This is a place where classmates in Jo Boaler's online course (and fellow believers) can share thoughts and ideas. We share ideas and articles about teaching math.

Math Coach’s Corner - Making math fun and engaging for all students by producing high quality, thought provoking, "mathy" activities and lessons. Easing the stress that some teachers associate with teaching math by providing guidance and instructional support.


Common Core Math Resources - Requires sifting through some of the political issues surrounding the US right now, but still good links and questions from teachers across the world.



NGSS Educators - A group to discuss and share resources to support implementing the Framework and NGSS in K-12 classrooms. Post questions about NGSS, and share pointers to helpful PD, resources, curriculum materials,and NGSS storylines you have learned about or have created yourself.



International PE Teachers and PE Friends - Great page for questions, pro-d information, brainstorming, sharing new apps, assessment ideas, or new games, this is your place! Let's get these brains and bodies a cooking!



Units of Study in Writing TCRWP - This group is for teachers and administrators to talk and share all about the units of study that you are doing in Writing Workshops!

Units of Study in Reading TCRWP - This Facebook group is a digital forum for the TCRWP community of educators to share the stories of their readers and their work with the reading units of study. Also, please join us on twitter on Wednesdays at 730pm EST for our weekly chats #TCRWP.


Units of Study in the Middle School (Reading and Writing) -This group is for Middle School teachers who are implementing units of study in writing and reading workshop. Here, we are hoping, to open up a space for you to share how the work is going, ways you are developing curriculum together in teams and how your students are developing! Please post artifacts, epiphanies, ideas and questions so that the community can respond and work together!

Two Writing Teachers - A place for teachers to be fueled with a passion for teaching, writing, and living.


Two Writing Teachers - A place for teachers to be fueled with a passion for teaching, writing, and living.



C3 Teachers - C3 Teachers is an open, collaborative website where you can interact with other teachers about enhancing social studies.

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Open Educational Resources


Thank you, Edutopia!

Open Educational Resources (OER): Resource Roundup. (2017). Edutopia. Retrieved from

Open Educational Resources Meet Instructional Design, by Andrew Marcinek (2015)

To find the best OER, consider the skills you're teaching, how content aligns with standards, ease of assessment, and whether you'll provide an active, creative experience.

20 Top Pinterest Tips, by Vicki Davis (2015)

Pinterest is an educator's dream come true because of its many options for curating and sharing ideas (including OER), displaying student work, and building a PLN.

Supporting Practice With Emerging Technologies, by Sandra Schamroth Abrams (2015)

As we incorporate new technologies in the classroom, we must keep the learning relevant and meaningful. Here are some considerations and resources to help you choose.

Transitioning to Open Educational Resources, by Andrew Marcinek (2013)

Marcinek explains why and how Burlington Public Schools transitioned to Open Educational Resources and discusses four OER options to get started.

5-Minute Film Festival: Copyright and Fair Use for Educators, by VideoAmy (2013)

In K-12 education, it's a challenge to navigate the copyright and fair use waters. What can educators use? How can they use it? In this compilation, very relevant to the discussion around OER, VideoAmy has collected some fun, engaging videos to help teachers and students understand the confusing subject.

A Primer on Curriculum-Sharing Sites, by Vanessa Vega (2011)

Though suggestions are from 2011, this overview of useful curriculum-sharing sites is still relevant today.

Radical Curriculum Sharing at the Open High School of Utah, by Todd Finley (2011)

Browse a curated list of high-quality, open source, English language arts curriculum websites.