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During the first two weeks of our closure, we provided optional learning activities.

These activites are still available here.

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A note from Ashford Social Services:

Ashford School Families,

This message is an update in regards to food provided for the children of Ashford School. As you are aware, meals are being provided to all children in a household with at least 1 student attending Ashford School that would like to receive them. At this time we are moving to a DAILY delivery system. We will be dropping off meals to you, to ease the burden of having to transport your family, as well as eliminating the need to be out in public places. Meals will be dropped of at your home address between 10-11am. If you, or your children, are not at your normal address during that time, please contact Ashford Social Services (860)487-4417 or to let us know where your meals should be delivered (Town of Ashford only) Please watch the K12 alerts for any changing info.