Happy Hands Happy Heart

Welcome to a collection of Winterberry Handwork Projects.

These projects are offered for enrichment and enjoyment. While they are organized by grade, feel free to browse and do any project that you like. While we are separated from each other, know that I am thinking of you, and keeping you all in my heart! Ms. Robicheaux

Find projects to do by clicking on the grade you want to look at on the upper right hand portion of this page. The Home page has general instructions for remembering basic skills. If you have questions, email me at robicheaux_sarah@asdk12.org, we can have a Zoom meeting if need be!

Yarn Sizes.pdf

Yarn Sizes

Making a Slip Knot.pdf

Slip Knot

Finger Crochet

Knit Stitch.pdf

Knit Stitch

Purl stitich.pdf

Purl Stitch

Knit Cast on.pdf

Knit Cast On

For Young Knitters

Long tail Cast On.pdf

Long Tail Cast On

For Adept Knitters

Increase - Knit in Front and Back.pdf

Knit Increase Method 1

Increase M1R and M1L.pdf

Knit Increase Method 2

Decrease K2tog.pdf

Knit Decrease

Butterfly Chain - A Photo


Butterfly Chain - Directions

(Ask a 4th Grader!)