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2022 Iditarod Trail Reading Challenge- Iditaread

Here is your chance to read your way to Nome! In this challenge, you will read the equivalent of 975 miles (even year route) to reach Nome.

Each time you reach a new milestone you will advance across the trail to a new checkpoint. Students who wish to participate will have their name and picture placed on a dog sled that moves across the trail on the bulletin board in the hallway. Students who reach the finish will be entered to win cool Iditarod prizes later on in March.

Reading time and amounts need to be recorded on the back of this paper and shown to Mrs. Nedwick via an emailed photo or in-person when students reach a new milepost. Please don’t share until a new destination is reached. I will not be recording half distances.

  • Students will need to read one minute per each mile. Students can move to a new check-point when they have read the number of minutes it takes to get to each checkpoint. Distances are attached on the opposite page. Use a timer to help.

  • When students have reached a new check-point they need to have a parent sign the checkpoint.

  • To send your new location to Mrs. Nedwick, you can turn your paper in to Mrs. Nedwick in the Library, or have your adult send an email photo verifying your location. Once I have updated distances, your dog sled can move to the next checkpoint.

Remember, this is a tough challenge, just like the real Iditarod. You will have to work hard to make it to Nome. There will be a prize at the finish.

The contest will run from February 1- to iMarch 14, 2022

Thank you for participating

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