EWE History & Recognition

Jaramiha James-Gilkey, Jasmyn Perez, Angela Hartvigson, Rebecca Curtis, JP Fitzpatrick, and Lorraine Gregory at the 2018 Spirit of Youth Awards Ceremony

EWE History

Elitnaurvik Within East (EWE) was established in 1987 in an effort to provide academic equality, enrichment, and cultural relevant educational resources and content for Alaska Native and American Indian students at East Anchorage High School. East Anchorage High School has maintained one of the largest, most diverse high school populations in Alaska.

Largely supported by Cook Inlet Tribal Council Incorporated (CITC), Johnson-O'Malley Education funded Teachers, Counselors and Family Advocates who offered a cohort of smaller, optional, core and elective courses for Alaska Native and American Indian students. The Anchorage School District provided the oversight and Administration of EWE, and East Anchorage High School provided space and support. The EWE Program was a smaller learning community within East that provided classes, cultural activities and events, fundraising, community service projects, and leadership opportunities.

Over the years our community's needs changed and, in 2012, CITC re-aligned their educational support plan to better meet the needs of Alaska Native and American Indian students throughout Anchorage. East Anchorage High School and TItle VI Indian Education continue to collaborate with CITC to provide opportunities and after-school programs for students.

EWE Today!

Today, Elitnaurvik Within East is the entire Indian Education Community at East Anchorage High School! Eligible Alaska Native and American Indian students (with a complete "ED 506 Indian Student Eligibility Certification Form" on file with the Anchorage School District) are invited and encouraged to participate in many opportunities throughout the year, such as:

NLC = Native Student Leadership Council

The Native Student Leadership Council is open to all interested students! They coordinate many of the EWE Activities and Events mentioned above! NLC Link

EWE Recognition

2018-2019 Native Student Leadership Council

2018 Spirit of Youth

Dreamers Award

2013 Spirit of Youth Award Nomination - Elitnaurvik Within East Native Leadership Council

2012 EWE Celebrates Native Heritage Month, Anchorage Daily News ~ Heritage Month Fashion Show

1995 Alaska Native Education Council ~ Showcase Award

1993 Golden Achievement Award ~ National Public Schools Relations Association, EWE Videotape

1992 Alaska Showcase Project Award ~ Office of Indian Education, Washington DC

1991 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award ~ US Department of Education, Washington DC

1991, 1992 & 1993 Roger Lang Clearinghouse for Circumpolar Education

1990 & 1991 Elitnaturvik, Alaska Department of Education

1989 EWE Alaskan Native Emphasis ~ Alaska Department of Education

1988 Native American ~ Alaska Department of Education