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Elitnaurvik is a Yup'ik word for "A place to learn"

This is Dena’ina ełnena. Anchorage is Dena’ina homeland. Chin’an people of Eklutna and the Dena'ina people for the use of this land.

Land Acknowledgement is a formal statement recognizing the Indigenous people of a place. It is a public gesture of appreciation for the past and present Indigenous stewardship of the lands that we now occupy. Land Acknowledgment opens a space with gratefulness and respect for the contributions, innovations, and contemporary perspective of Indigenous peoples. It is an actionable statement that marks our collective movement towards decolonization and equity. ~ Anchorage Museum

Ms. Nyché Andrew, a Senior at Service High School, Vice Chairwoman of the Native Advisory Committee, and President & Founder of the Indigenous Student Union at Service High, requests YOUR input!

GOAL = To Propose Solutions to the Academic Achievement Gap Title VI Indian Education High School Students experience based on 20+ submissions per each Anchorage High School.

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Elitnaurvik Within East

Native Student Leadership Council

Title VI Indian Education

East Anchorage High School

Cikiun Project

Cikiun is the Yup’ik word for Gift

Dear Elitnaurvik Within East (EWE) Student,

Quyanaa, Quyana, Chin’an, Gunalchéesh, Ahéhee', Háw'aa, Way dankoo!

Thank you for being an Indian Education/EWE student at East High School. We wanted to let you know you are important to us and we care about you!

East High School’s Native Student Leadership Council (NLC) were awarded a Youth Connection Grant from the Spirit of Youth, allowing us to put together a Cikiun bag for every Indian Education student at East. With this grant and generous donations from the following people and organizations, staff and students safely put together over 330 Cikiun bags! We hope you enjoy yours!

East High School Staff will be contacting families over the next several weeks to arrange to safely deliver the gifts. If students would prefer to pick up the Cikiun from East High School, we will provide families that option.


Some of the food items contain milk, egg, tree nuts, wheat,

peanuts and/or soybeans.

Quyana to the following Cikiun Contributors

Akara Anglin, Denise Elsenbast, Jennifer Hickman, Malene Johnson,

Trudy Keller, Rodger Nicolls, SRO Chris Simmons, Trevor Snyder, Don Starbard,

Mary Thomas, and Talia Wiacek.

Cook Inlet Tribal Council Native Justice Center, Chugach Electric, Doyon Foundation, Migrant Education, and Title VI Indian Education.


Genavieve Beans, NLC President & Lead Artist

Ermelina Gonzalez, NLC Vice President & Secretary

Johnathon Hamner, NLC Treasurer

Angela Hartvigson, NLC Sponsor

NLC Members

Jonet Bungay

James Day

Halitopa Farve

Deja Peters

Heather Oomittuk

Gregory Todd

Avasha Watson

EWE Staff

Rodger Nicolls, EWE Principal

Sarah Dermer, Indian Education Tutor

Ralph Elook, Indian Education Community Counselor for 11th & 12th Grades

Angela Hartvigson, Indian Education Community Counselor for 9th and 10th Grades

Gavin Vaughan, Migrant Education Student Success Coach

EWE's Mission

Elitnaurvik Within East’s mission is to provide an educational community for Native students where they can feel pride and comfort within East High School.

EWE promotes cultural pride, self-respect, and life-long academic and social success through parent, teacher and student cooperation.

About EWE

Akutaq/Nivigi/Eskimo Ice Cream Samples

Elitnaurvik Within East (EWE), established in 1987, provides programs and opportunities for over 300 Alaska Native and American Indian students each year at East Anchorage High School.

EWE supports Native student academics by connecting students to tutoring opportunities, as well as providing direct services to teach students good study habits and organizational skills. EWE staff provide Native students and families with a connection to many opportunities, school and community events, scholarships, internships, employment and postsecondary educational options.

EWE incorporates Native values into the services provided, and concentrates on addressing different learning styles within its program. EWE enjoys widespread support in the community.

The EWE Program utilizes expert staff and relies on connections with many community organizations, including:

Title VI Indian Education

Cook Inlet Tribal Council

Migrant Education

Title I Child In Transition

Southcentral Foundation

UAA's Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Student Conservation Association

Alaska Geographic

Benny Benson Secondary School


King Tech High School

Anchorage Museum

And many more

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