Bowman Elementary Garden

We won a $5000 grant!

Thanks to everyone who voted for Bowman Elementary School's garden in Nature's Path Organic recent Garden's for Good competition!! Your show of support launched our garden to receive a $5000 grant! Here's the listing of the 22 winners We're honored to be among these amazing gardens. The grant will go to expand our garden and enable us to continue donating to The Children's Lunchbox.


The Bowman Elementary Garden aims to create a peaceful, respectful, and hands-on environment for Bowman community members to work together in gardening activities. We work together to enjoy freshly grown produce, learn about sustainable food production, and share our harvest with the Children's Lunchbox in Anchorage.

Hydroponic Towers

We currently have two indoor hydroponic grow towers inside the Bowman foyer to produce lettuce and other edible greens, along with a germination unit to start the plants.

This project was funded by awards from the Alaska Retired Educators, the Central Alaska Retired Teachers, and 907Bobcats with tower construction by Bowman parent James Bienvenu.


The raised beds were installed in Spring 2019 by South Anchorage Rotary Club. Summer 2019 was our first season of vegetable production with excellent results.

Future Projects in the Works


Installation of the Geodesic Dome by GrowingSpaces purchased with funds from several grants. The dome kit is currently stored at an Anchorage School District warehouse while we work with community partners and ASD to acquire the needed building permits. We look forward to installing this 255-square-foot growing environment that allow students to learn about and participate in sustainable food production. This horticultural heaven will significantly extend our growing season!

Garden Fence

Installation of a fenced perimeter to help keep the garden secure from Alaskan creatures of all kinds. Although we are hoping to keep out critters who would munch on our harvest, we will work diligently to ensure people in the community still feel welcome to check out what's growing and enjoy the space!

Garden Shed

A new shed to be built by ASD high school students easily accessible to our school garden area and solely dedicated to keeping our green thumb tools organized and secure. Our collection of gardening tools has expanded greatly to now include a Gorilla wagon donated by the Varrati family, Yard Butler hose caddies purchased with grant money, and $1000 in tools awarded by Corona USA.

Garden Art

Future student art pieces - from student-made signs, gardening stakes, and the like to make our garden a true garden gallery!

(below) One of several signs created by Shasha Strickler, summer 2021

Do you have ideas for projects or plants to grow in our garden?

Thank you for supporting our garden!