Wright Elementary Counseling

Welcome to Wright Elementary School Counseling

Make the Most of Being a Wright Panda by following the steps found below so you can experience great success in school.

1. Learn the rules and policies.

You can find information about policies concerning attendance, rules, code of conduct, dress codes, etc. in the student handbook.

Make sure you understand the rules and procedures.

2. Be in school every day.

In order to do well in school, you must have good attendance. If you are absent from school remember that it is your responsibility to ask for the assignments that you missed. You should complete those missed assignments as quickly as possible and turn them into the teacher.

3. Do what it takes to make good grades.

Ask for help.

Be organized (Use your binder).

Manage your time.

Study on a nightly basis so that you are prepared for the next day’s class.

4. Set Goals for yourself.

Set goals that include doing the best you can in school as this will take you far in life.

5. Make Good Choices!

Realize that as you mature you need to develop a sense for making good choices instead of bad choices. Good choices and decisions will result in being rewarded while bad choices will result in having to face the consequences. Be prepared to accept the results of your choices.

Lift Up, Be Positive, and Expect the Best!