Emergency Communications for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Workshop

10:00 am • December 13, 2019

American School for the Deaf

139 North Main Street, West Hartford, CT

Rockwell Visual Communications Center

Join us for a workshop and discussion in regards to State of CT – Public Act No. 19-184: An Act Concerning Various Issues Relating to Special Education with a focus on Section 3 and 4 as it relates to an emergency communication plan that includes procedures for alerting the child of an emergency situation and ensuring that the specific needs of the child are met during the emergency situation.

Jeffrey S. Bravin, Executive Director of the American School for the Deaf (ASD) and Kelly O'Connell, Director of CREC Soundbridge will discuss how this new Bill affects the safety and security of students across Connecticut. ASD's emergency communications partner, Layered Solutions, will also take part in the discussion on new innovations and helpful strategies to make your facility compliant with this new legislation.

State of CT – Public Act No. 19-184

Jeffrey S. Bravin

Executive Director

American School for the Deaf

Kelly O'Connell


CREC Soundbridge

Jerry Geis


Layered Solutions, Inc.