Matt Barone
Special Education
458 FM 149 West, Anderson, TX 77830


My name is Matt Barone. This will be my 14th year teaching special education. I graduated from Texas A&M in 2009 and taught at Oakwood Intermediate and then College Station High School in CSISD before joining the Owl family. My passion is helping students succeed to reach their full potential in all areas of life while instilling a positive atmosphere that promotes independence and confidence. I am married to my beautiful wife, Casey Barone, of 12 years and have two, twin boys, Walker and William, who will be 9 in September. I love all things Aggie sports and am so excited to be an Owl!

1- Study Skills
6- Life Skills Technology
7- Study Skills
8- Conference

Class expectations:
Be respectful,
Be positive and
Give good effort.

Class Supplies:
-Box of kleenex
-Box of pencils

After school 3:35-4:05

Grading Policy: I will follow the grading policy laid out per the ASCISD Handbook.

For each 9-week report card period, a minimum of 8 minor grades per subject per 9 weeks will be recorded. A minimum of 3 major grades per 9 weeks must be recorded (11 total grades per grading period). At least 1 minor grade must be recorded each week. All assignments must have the due date recorded in the electronic gradebook.

Calculating Progress Report and 9-Week Averages:

Minor assignments will be weighted as 40% of a student’s nine-week average
Major assignments will be weighted as 60% of a student’s nine-week average

Year at a Glance: LS Technology

Four, 9-week grading periods that will focus, elaborate and reteach topics such as but not limited to:

Internet Safety, Online security/Privacy, Cyberbullying, Social Skills/Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration, Research and
Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship,Current Events, Typing Skills, Etc…

Addressing the fundamentals of Technology TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) focusing on: Computational Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Data Literacy/Management/Representation, Digital Citizenship, Practical Technology Concepts, with Communication and
Collaboration skills embedded.

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