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Ascent Leadership empowers business owners to achieve their goals, create lasting success and enjoy greater freedom by implementing BOS360: a complete business operating system with simple tools. 

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What is BOS360?

A strategic approach to leading, managing and growing your business.

BOS360 provides you with a customized system of simple tools designed to help you get everything you want from your business.

Vision – Getting everyone in your organization aligned with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there.

Momentum – Instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout your company so that everyone executes on that vision day after day.

Healthy – Creating a more cohesive, and functional leadership team and nourishing a happy high-performing culture.

BOS360 Core Model

The BOS360 Core Model provides a unique framework to visualize the core components of every business and their interconnectivity.

It is based on the understanding that to be truly great, today’s organizations must simultaneously build three Core Pillars; BUSINESS, BRAND, and TEAM.

This is accomplished by strengthening the three Bonding Forces of Strategy, Execution and Culture.

With a complete set of proven principles and simple tools to pull everything together with consistency.

About Ascent Leadership

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David McIvor founded Ascent Leadership to help business owners achieve better outcomes for their businesses, their teams and their families. With over 25 years helping owners and leaders build their better businesses, we know that success rarely happens by accident. Better businesses are just designed and run better.

Our philosophy, as proven by our experience and that of the most successful leaders and businesses worldwide, is that strategy, structure and systems are fundamental to both growing a business and to simplifying the journey. Just like a championship sports team, the game of business is won when teams have an inspiring vision, a clear game plan, the right players in the right roles and the desire to grow, develop and withstand adversity. 

Certified as a BOS360 Business Coach, David - who is also certified in Customer Relationship Management and as a personal trainer, and who has instructed both karate and skiing - has done it all, from front line roles in sales, customer service and operations, to developing and implementing core strategy for the largest companies in Canada. Having built high performing teams and businesses, growing 9-digit P&Ls, and launching his own businesses, David now integrates his love of coaching, his passion for building better businesses and his firm belief in leveraging best practices and systems in his work with small and medium size businesses. 

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