DBH 2 - Maths

Virtual book

This web page will be the book we are going to use in the subject MATHS in DBH 2 in IES Arrigorriaga BHI.

Every unit is divided in four parts:

  1. We will start with some math jokes and we will discuss about them. After having some fun, we will solve some problems for Eduardo Chillida Maths Olimpiads for DBH 2.
  2. Theory will be in order to avoid you to take notes in class, however I think its indispensable to take some so that you can review them in your notebook.
  3. In the section How is it done? you can find videos about how to do what we have learned in class.
  4. Finally, in Exercises you will have all the activities we need during the unit. I recommend to print it and paste it in your notebook so that you can go doing them.