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Tim Sheehan has approved this and will help make it happen. Per Tim, “The district can issue contact hours, which individuals can bundle with other similar trainings to use as PDPs (The minimum hours that DESE requires for us to issue PDPs is 10). In order to earn PD contact hours, you will have to complete one hour of additional independent work for each tech tool for which you received training.”

Once you have finished participating training sessions and have completed one hour of independent work for library resource, fill in this form to get credit toward PDPs: Link to Google Form for Earning PDPs for Library Resource Training

Trainings - Wed, April 8

If this schedule doesn't work for you, you can book an appointment (see below) or use the links on this website to watch the training videos and learn how to use the resources!

Library and Resources LIVE Trainings

Each training will be 25 minutes, and trainers will be available after for Q & A.


9am-9:25am (optional: stay after for Q&A)

PebbleGo & Trueflix - Nonfiction reading and research for preK-8 readers

We will review the basics of using PebbleGo (in English and Spanish), PebbleGo Next, and Trueflix in your Distance Learning Plans -- all nonfiction eBooks or research sites geared towards K-8 readers with integrated features for reading support (audio, nonfiction features, etc.)

Trainers: Susan Wells, Wildwood Librarian and Lani Blechman, Fort River Librarian

10am-10:25am (optional: stay after for Q&A)

Britannica (integrated with Google Classroom! And in Spanish too!) - K-12 Encyclopedia-based Distance Learning

Learn about the integrated features that make these encyclopedias accessible to the majority of our students: integration with Google Translate and Google Classroom, audio support, leveled reading.

Trainers: Susan Wells, Wildwood Librarian and Lani Blechman, Fort River Librarian

11am-11:25am (optional: stay after for Q&A)

SORA ARPS preK-12 Digital Library - Getting Your Students Connected & Using Sora in Your (Distance) Learning Plans

We will review the basics of using SORA (eBooks, audiobooks, read alouds) and show you how you can work with your librarian to create collections for your class or assign books to individual students.

Trainers: Ella Stocker, ARHS Librarian and Lani Blechman, Fort River Librarian

Setting Up a Calendar for Appointments

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