The wall plug type design IoT gateway Venation P1 offers multiple wireless connectivity options and IP networking capability for control and communication with smart home IoT devices.

Bringing the most significant flexibility and efficiency for home automation, Venation P1 series covers Zigbee, Z-Wave and WLAN connectivity which enables different brands or device types integrated into one IT network easily and quickly.

With builds in cloud engine, simply activating the IoT cloud for projects and devices management, and benefits the business efficiency as well as analysis for further intellectual development.

Zigbee IoT

Z-Wave IoT

Small wall plug type design

No worry about wiring nowadays just simply plugs P1 to the power outlet then quickly have IoT connectivity ready entire IT networking.

Auto-discover and connect

Truly discover all standardized IoT devices and engage multiple protocols connecting to one IP network.

KNX protocol supported

More than wireless, the P1 is compatible with KNX protocol and integrates KNX with different wireless technologies into one network.

Easy install and control via App

Mobile App helps quick installation, pairing with the router and bridging IoT devices to IP network, also control the devices.

Commission tool embedded GUI

Handy commission tool build in GUI not only for adding and removing devices but also acts binding, pairing and grouping devices.

IoT Cloud Ready for management

Builds in cloud agent enabling the IoT cloud capability, ready-AWS IoT cloud supports your pro-jects and devices dashboard.

Venation D1 concentrates integrating multiple wired communication protocols like KNX, Modbus and DALI into one unique IoT control device which communicates with and controls connected IoT devices in one IP network, provides data for the services and applications locally as well as cloud management.

D1 IoT gateway makes your smart plan no longer dependent on vendors or smart devices and even better controllable and manageable according to the application and business progress.


Modbus IoT


More expected digital I/O

8 pairs total 16 digital Input and Output channels for more flexible direct control the legacy devices.

Intelligent IoT Framework

Skeletal and Stacking structure integrates multiple protocols, IP networking applications, and user interface.

Protocols mobilization on demand

KNX, Modbus, DALI and wireless like Zigbee, Z-Wave or more is on your demand.

Commission tool embedded GUI

Handy commission tool build in GUI not only for adding and removing devices but also acts binding, pairing and grouping.

IoT Cloud Ready for connecting securely

Built-in cloud agent enables the AWS IoT cloud capability ready to connect devices reliable and securely.

Cloud Management Dashboard

Manage multiple projects and devices as well as applica-tions in one portal designed for profe-ssional management.

Ardomus IoT Technology Solution Map

Central Management, Local Device Management, Home/Building Automation, Field Actions

Ardomus IoT Technology Solution & Service

Cloud management, IoT Gateway and Local Control Tools, Variety of Devices From Existing Brands