Trusted Data Repositories
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The group supports, encourages and shares experiences and processes directed at achieving Core Trust Seal certification.

The group supports research (primarily domain) data repositories to become trust-certified.

The community works together to share, review and implement progress, tips and efficient processes for research data repositories. (Repositories outside the research/government sector are out of scope.)

Terms of reference (see Introduction on Resources page).

Accomplishments so far (see Resources page).


  • Certifying Trust in Research Data Repositories

  • Community challenges include: finding the time to write the submission (est. 0.3 FTE)



  • The Community meets monthly (by Zoom), on first Tuesdays, around 2.00pm AEDT.

  • Shut up and Write sessions are held regularly. See Events page.

  • For past events (see Events page)

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Facilitator: Richard Ferrers, ARDC Research Data Specialist, Melbourne

This group supports sharing experiences, lessons and effort in certifying repositories to the CoreTrustSeal - Trustworthy Data Repositories standard.

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Core Trust Seal is a output of the Research Data Alliance - RDA/WDS Certification of Digital Repositories IG.
We note similar initiatives in Canada, Japan, US and EU.