Australasian DataCite DOIs Community of Practice


  • This CoP is for, and supports, current and future DataCite members in Australia and New Zealand

  • DataCite originally formed to support the minting of DOIs for datasets, but has since grown to cover other research artefacts:

    • Grey literature, such as reports that are not formally published

    • Instruments

    • Output management plans, including data management plans

    • Physical samples

    • Services, platforms, and science gateways


  • Meetings will take place online twice each year, in March and September

  • Agendas and minutes will be posted to Events

Call to action


  • Facilitated by the Australian Research Data Commons in partnership with Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa - National Library of New Zealand and DataCite.

  • To join this group, send a blank email to from the email address you want to register.

  • By joining this group, you agree to act in accordance with the ARDC Code of Conduct

  • Information you submit will be treated in line with the ARDC Privacy Policy


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