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Third Grade - Fifth Grade – Physical Science

Teachers in these grade level/courses will be part of a network of teachers who will meet monthly though combination of three face to face meetings and zoom meetings. They will also receive in-school classroom support from the science specialist from either AFESC or ATU. The goal of each group is to collaboratively create/revise lessons and develop common formative assessments that align to the Arkansas K-12 Science Standards. We will work together to analyze student work and improve teaching and learning.

*Designed for teachers who have attended Grasping Phenomenal Science (Summer 2015, 2016, or 2017) and preferably the formative assessment PD (offered Nov. 2017, July 2018, or September 2018).

*After the initial Zoom all other Zoom meetings will take place throughout the day with teachers during plan periods or after school based on needs of teachers.

ESCWORKS: 3rd grade Sept. 27 - 361772, Nov 1 - 361774, Jan. 10 - 361775

5th Grade Oct. 11 - 361779, Dec. 6 - 361780, Jan. 31 - 361781

Physical Science - Sept. 20 - 361783, Nov. 15 - 361784, Feb. 21 - 361785

3rd Grade

Face to Face meetings

8:30-3:30 at AFESC.

September 27

November 1

January 10

Zoom Support Meetings

August 29, 3:45- 4:30PM

October 18

December 3

February 11

March 5

April 16

May 6.

In-School TBD

5th Grade

Face to Face meetings

AFESC 8:30-3:30.

October 11

December 6

January 31

Zoom Support Meetings

September 5, 3:45- 4:30PM

November 7

February 20

March 6

April 17

May 9

In- School- TBD

Physical Science

Face to Face meetings

ATU 8:30-3:30

September 20

November 15

February 21

Zoom Support Meetings

August 28, 3:45- 4:30PM

October 12

December 7

January 17

March 8

April 12

May 10

In- School- TBD

Formative Assessment for the Science Classroom for K-12 teachers at AFESC, Sept. 17

Do you want to improve your science teaching? How are you formatively assessing student learning in science? The new science standards require three dimensional teaching and learning, but how do you assess student use of the Science and Engineering practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas?

In this session, we will examine assessment tasks, revise them to better inform instruction of the new science standards, and compare to ACT Aspire exemplar assessment items. You will learn to identify DOK levels in current assessments and how to increase the rigor of those assessments.

TESS components: 1f, 1c, 3d, 4a, 4e ESCWORKS: 361764

This was previously presented in November and July 2018 Sessions

Driving Instruction with Argumentation for 6-12 teachers at AFESC, February 26

Scientific argument helps students make sense of phenomena. Teachers can use argumentation to transform the way they teach labs so students have more opportunities to learn how to use Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs), Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs), and Science/Engineering Practices (SEPs) to figure out how things work or why things happen. Argumentation gives students opportunities to learn how to read, write, speak, and listen in science. Experience lessons driven by argument and gain tools to increase the reasoning skills within your students.

TESS Components: 1a, 1b, 1c, 3a, 3b, 3c ESCWORKS: 361766

Picture Perfect STEM for K-5 teachers at AFESC, October 24

Picture Perfect lessons are a great way to integrate STEM subjects with literacy and math. Participants will have the opportunity to experience 5 E lessons from Picture Perfect STEM books. Join us for a day spent learning how to integrate literacy, science, engineering and math through the use of children's picture books.

These lessons were shared in June 2018. ESCWORKS:361768

GPS Crash Course K-12 at AFESC, September 25

Need help? You’ve never attended Grasping Phenomenal Science and yet you are teaching science. This is a must for you. We will take you through a crash course to help you understand the intent and design of instruction with the AR K-12 Science Standards. This is not intended to make up for Summer GPS, but will get you off to a better start. This is also great for instructional leaders who want to know more about science instruction and the new standards. ESCWORKS:361770

Contact Information

Sharon McKinney

Science Specialist


Services provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Science teacher support
  • Science content knowledge support
  • Providing professional development
  • Locating and developing supplemental teaching resources
  • Assisting with data-driven decision making