Description of Services

What Are Early Childhood Special Education Services?

Early Childhood Special Education Services are activities designed to enhance the development of the preschool child and provide experiences in one or more of the following areas: talking, seeing, hearing, learning, walking, behavior

Who Is Eligible?

A child may be eligible for special services if he/she is age 3 through 5 and is experiencing difficulties which interfere with normal development in these areas: speech/language, vision, hearing, motor skills, behavioral/social skills, self help skills, problem solving skills, cognition/readiness skills

What Services Are Available?

The following services are provided as needed at no cost to the family: screening, evaluation, preschool instruction, speech/language therapy, physical/occupational therapy, family training, other appropriate services.

How Are Services Provided?

Services may include:

  • interaction with peers who are developing normally
  • coordination with other agencies
  • one or more program options
  • public school based classrooms
  • public or private preschool
  • itinerant based, i.e., speech/language therapy
  • specialized day service center
  • home based instruction
  • hospital/residential instruction

Who Can You Contact For Services?

To find out what programs are available for a preschool child 3 through 5 years of age who is experiencing difficulties contact:

  • Your local school district
  • Arkansas Special Education Resource Center: 1-800-482-8437
  • Arch Ford Co-op Early Childhood: 501-354-2269