Senior Capstone

5. Presentation

Senior Capstone Presentation: Your presentation will consist of a live panel showcase of your knowledge, skills, and learning throughout your Senior Capstone and senior year.

Directions: Your mentor and school will decide how to have a senior showcase to best present your work throughout the Senior Capstone. At minimum, you must have a live three minute presentation which summarizes your Senior Capstone in front of a panel. The presentation will take place by the week of April 27-May 15. Review the examples, guidance, and rules below, then complete the Presentation Pre-Approval form to share with your mentor. A rubric and examples are included to guide your work.

Presentation Ideas:

Try using Google Slides to create your presentation. You may use other presentation sites as well, such as Prezi or eMaze.

Use videos, quotes, and images to enhance your presentation.

Follow the planning document to make sure you include key information in your presentation.

Presentation Rules

Presentations must start with introductions. Be ready to explain who you are and why this topic is important to you.

By dressing appropriately you are showing your professionalism, and people will take you and your topic more seriously!

You must speak for a minimum of 3 minutes and share your topic, product, and findings.

Be sure to include any relevant work or community service that went along with your topic.

Create presentation aids (handouts, brochures, website links, photos, QR Codes, etc.) to share when needed.

Your Presentation must be done live. You may not prerecord it.

Your Presentation is an individual effort. You may not have co-presenters.