APS Senior Capstone

Exploration and Independent Study

The APS Senior Capstone is a culminating experience capturing the student's high school years. While this capstone will summarize the learning a student has experienced in high school, it will prepare students for life beyond high school as well. Through the capstone, students are able to demonstrate skills in time management, research, problem solving, human interaction, organization, and public speaking.

  • Capstone Components: Students will use writing, research, publishing, technology, and speaking skills to assemble a five-part inquiry: (1) Proposal, (2) Paper, (3) Product, (4) Portfolio, and (5) Presentation. Please reference the links on this site for more details, guidance, and component documents.

  • Capstone Structure: Students will incorporate the capstone work in the Senior English 12 course.

    • Each APS senior will complete a capstone. The majority of seniors will complete the capstone within their senior English course. Others may have capstone work they may incorporate from an area of career or academic study in which they are currently enrolled. Either way, all Akron students will have the opportunity to be better prepared for college and career expectations by completing this capstone.

    • The Senior Capstone will replace the English semester 2 final exam, which is required for all graduating seniors. Additionally, capstone components may also be included as grades throughout the school year. Senior English teachers will be able to assist with any additional information or detailed capstone needs.

Maintaining attendance and attention throughout the senior year will ensure that students are aware of any changes, progress, or vital information needed to be successful in this process.

If you have additional questions or concerns, first reach out to the assigned senior English teacher, senior counselor, and/or the high school principal.

Enjoy your senior year and the APS Senior Capstone!