EXPLORE! CREATE! HAVE FUN! This summer, we have more than 50 exciting summer programs for Akron Public Schools students. The summer offerings, or what we call the "3rd Semester", are designed for students to have fun, be creative, solve mysteries, learn about careers, tinker with robots, and advance in high school credits.

Summer 3rd Semester programs include in-person camps, remote camps, or remote self-directed activities.

Select a grade level area below to explore summer programming options!

Open only to Akron Public School students.

APS plus After-Hours Support Center

APS plus After-Hours Support Center provides families and students with additional resources after the school day has ended and through the summer months. The remote center will be staffed with high-quality educators, tutors and other professionals that will use Google Meet and phone calls to assist students and families with a variety of services.

☎ Call 330-761-7943 or 📹 Join with Google Meet (click here)