Program Overview:

The purpose of the CRCT Remediation and Enrichment Academic Program (Target 2021) is to provide students impacted by the CRCT score anomalies with targeted support. The individual learning plans are designed to position our students for graduation and to equip them with post-secondary options.


The overall attendance rate for students served in Target 2021 WILL INCREASE when compared to the attendance rate of the same students one year prior.

The percentage of students failing one or more courses WILL DECREASE when compared to the year prior.

The reading levels of students WILL INCREASE a rate that makes up for the negative effect identified in the original study.

The graduation rate of the Target 2021 students eligible to graduate in 2020 WILL BE GREATER THAN that of their academically similar peers.

Target 2021 Parent Engagement Survey

Your input and feedback are important to us. Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on your experience with the Target 2021 Program.

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