Welcome to the Arcadia Public Schools Library Media Center!


The mission of the Arcadia Public Schools Library Media Center is to lend support to the mission, vision, and programs of the school district, while simultaneously providing students, faculty, and staff with access to new ideas and information resources. The goal for the library media center is to not only support the mission and academic programs of the school district, but to also ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.

In order to meet these goals, the Arcadia Public Schools Library Media Center works toward “instructing students and assisting educators in using, evaluating, and producing information and ideas through active use of a broad range of appropriate tools, resources, and information technologies” (AASL, 2009, p. 8). In accomplishing this, the library media center will also “provide access to materials in all formats, including up-to-date, high-quality, varied literature to develop and strengthen a love of reading” (AASL, 2009, p.8). The ideal result for the Arcadia Public Schools Library Media Center is to stimulate a desire within students to learn to read not only to gain information, but also to develop a love of reading for pleasure.

The primary component to a well-rounded education is development of the ability to seek out and desire knowledge. In order for the 21st century learners to acquire the necessary means critical to achieving success, they must be able to “develop high-level thinking skills, attitudes, and responsibilities,” (AASL, 2009, p.11), while also being able to “access quality information from diverse perspectives, make sense of it to draw their own conclusions or create new knowledge, and share their knowledge with others” (AASL, 2009, p. 11). To accomplish all of the above, Information Literacy Standards will be continuously assimilated into instruction within the school library media center.

Library Hours:


7:45 am-3: 50 pm


320 W Owens Street

Arcadia, NE 68815

Phone: 308-789-6522

Contact Information:

Trysta Asche

PreK-12th Grade Library Media Specialist

Email: trysta.asche@apshuskies.org

Julie Dorsey

PreK-12th Grade Library Media Center Paraeducator

Email: julie.dorsey@apshuskies.org

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