The Challenge Lab

The Mission of the Challenge Lab is to provide extra challenges to the students who most need them in order to keep them excited about school and help them to reach their full potential.

Brain Game Challenge

Brain Games 2018!

This year we have challenged seven other elementary schools to join us in Brain Games 2018. Take a look at the video challenge we sent out to them.

Breaking News

Our class roadrunner was stolen from our classroom. We were able to draw a picture of the perpetrator, but had a hard time agreeing with what we saw. We are hoping to learn more about crime detection in our unit so that we can hopefully recover it!

This year we will be exploring a Multitude of Mysteries!

Mystery #1- A crime was committed in our classroom at the beginning of the year. The Gingerbread Man was eaten! We have six suspects and through the use of mathematical problems solving we will be deducing which of these suspects did it.

Mystery #2- We have received communications from some aliens that are being held as prisoners somewhere in New Mexico. We have broken the first coded message and are hoping we can rescue them.

This trimester we will be exploring Extinct Animals for our Optional Homework!

Third Optional Homework Assignment Due Oct. 23- Set of eight Teaching Cards

Create 8 cards on card stock for 8 different animals. On the front have a student-drawn map and an illustration, photo or drawing of the animal. This can be a print out. On the back put the scientific classification and all the rest of the required information as usual.

Monthly Mystery:

See if you can solve our Monthly Mystery. A new clue will be posted each Wednesday. The quicker you solve the mystery, the more Barto-Bucks you earn! Each guess you bring in must be in writing and be signed by a parent indicating that you made the guess at home and they did not help you.

November Mystery: What Am I?

20 BB Clue 1- If I am working, my hands are moving, but they are never full.

15 BB Clue 2- I am at my best when I am running, but I have no feet.

10 BB Clue 3- Sometimes I have no hands at all!

5 BB Clue 4- I keep things running on time.

Good Luck!