Mr. Logan 8th Grade U.S.History

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Mr. Logan's 8th grade Social Studies classroom. I am excited to be teaching your students this year.

This is my 21st year year teaching and 17th in APS. I am a Level III teacher with endorsements in Social Studies and Language Arts.

Many know me as "Coach" in Basketball or Track and Field. I am a fourth generation Logan teacher/coach. I believe all students can succeed and become lifetime learners. In the classroom students will be expected to work hard on daily assignments, projects, and various other assessment activities. Respect is my #1 rule, and I strive on creating positive working relationships with students as my main goal. I have a highly organized classroom that allows students every opportunity to met expectations. There are multiple boards in my classroom that allow students to know what is happening. They will write down the weekly schedule and assignments expected during that week on Mondays. Please check in with your students to ensure they are planning accordingly with their time management. Each nine weeks there will be a major project that students will have to do as homework. Let me know if there are issues with computer access or internet availability. The school provides multiple ways to assist students with project needs.

The most important time for students is in the classroom. There will be no homework unless a student choses to use their time in class unproductively. I will plan enough time in class so that students can complete their work. When a student is absent it is very important that they reach out to me or another classmate to understand the lesson that was missed and any work they will stiull need to complete.

Feel free to contact me via email or leave a voicemail with any issues or concerns. or 255-8691 ext. 20544

I look forward to being part of your students' educational life.



Patrick Logan

Common Assignments

CE Assignment.docx

Daily Question

See Handout for directions and grading scale

Five minutes of writng each day. Questions for the week will be listed on this website. Writing is graded on EFFORT and there is extra credit available for students who go above and beyond expectations. Students will need a Composition Notebook for this assignment.

- See Handout for directions and questions

Due on Friday - Students will know Monday if they have a Current Event that week. This assignment can be handwritten or typed and sent to my email.

**** Course Overview ****

Course Overview.doc