Previous Editors


Lesly Velazquez-Acosta is a student, poet, writer, rhetorician, and nap taker. She is currently a senior at MHS and editor-in-chief for the MHS Pawprint. She partakes in TED Club and Philosophy club, while also working at her local Dion’s (Central and Elizabeth, please for the love of god don’t show up just go to Central and Monroe). When not at school or at work, Lesly likes to take naps, read, write, is forced to do homework, watch various time-wasting online videos on Netflix and Youtube, and pet her cat, Keke. Lesly prides herself on somehow always being late to something, even when she had ample time to be there, and also has managed to not die somehow. Good for her. She often frequents Starbucks, Trader Joe’s (sometimes Sprouts–Whole Foods when she’s treating herself), Target, her local Panera Bread and Chick-fil-a (yes, she does feel bad about supporting them but she claims their mac and cheese is “bomb”). If she ever offers you a ride, be warned her car is in dire need of a timing belt and WILL screech when you turn the heater on, but Lesly usually means well and is sorry for the fact that her car will probably explode at any moment now. You can find her at any one of her classes, likely doing homework that was due yesterday and for a different class, or at any other fine retailer near you. Pictured is Lesly (middle) with her unofficial godparents, Rhett and Link.

Roxanne Marquez is Manzano PawPrint’s Junior Editor-In-Chief and has been in the newspaper program for 2 years. She has the helpful talent of blocking out people’s voices when they start to sing the hit song, “Roxanne,” and can go days without answering her text messages, prompting people to wonder is she finally went through on throwing her phone in the river (like she claimed she was going to do). Roxanne is heavily involved in academics, but most of all, is an avid Spotify playlist creator and a soup connoisseur. Quoting the innovative young woman herself: “I have a playlist for every vibe. Sad boi vibes, angsty feminist vibes, and even morning coffee vibes.” Oh and by the way, her favorite soups are minestrone and posole.

Hi! I’m Michelle (and you're watching Disney Channel). I’m one of the editors here at Manzano High School. Many people in Newspaper and around the school know me as the girl who is giggly and loves to laugh and make jokes. I haven’t studied at Manzano my whole high school career but the time that I have been here I’ve enjoyed meeting new people, and having a good experience with the PawPrint. I enjoy hanging out with all of my friends and going to the gym on a daily basis. Not to flex or anything but I do have a hydroflasksksk. Many people may think that I’m ignoring them but really I just have my airpods in. Nevertheless I do love newspaper and how good the vibe is. It’s all fun in games in the class but if you ever need anything I am here to help! :)

Heyyyyyyyyy….. I’m Sally I’m currently a senior at this school. I am also an editor in the newspaper program. My roll is photo editor having that roll my job is to lead the photo department such as teaching them how to edit photos, different skills in photography, and how to use the equipment. I have been in the newspaper program for four years, there have been ups and downs but for the most part it’s been ups. That’s not the only thing involved in the school, I’m also head editor yearbook, I’ve done choir for three years, philosophy club, speech and debate, and myth club. Out of school I work at Blake’s Lotaburger, take care of my nephew, compete in boxing, take care of my succulents and cacti, logging in my bullet journal, cooking for my family and the occasional hang out with friends. Also, did you know Post Malone and Panic! At the Disco are the best things to ever come to the music industry. That’s all folks.

Hi I’m Loran, I make that paper you read somewhat visually appealing using a bunch of computer things. Now as an Editor person I can boss around my classmates and make them do my bidding. But I guess I really just help them out while also learning new things in InDesign. What I do as a designer is set how all the articles and photos will look/ where they’re at on the page. I’m a Junior here at Manzano and this is my first year in the newspaper program. Outside of class I do more school stuff and work at McDonald's right next to the intersection of Juan Tabo and Lomas. I listen to almost any type of music, but I usually stick to hip hop and rock or anything instrument-related. Some hobbies I have are skating type things, BMX when I have the time, and playing video games. I can usually be found hanging out with friends or just chilling at home with my dog, Mila. One last cool thing I can do is play the guitar -- tis a fun instrument. That’s about all I can say.