Welcome to Mrs. Leonard's Class

Room 201

In Our Classroom...

We are kind.

We work hard.

These two expectations drive everything we do every day.

My name is Christina Leonard, and I teach specialized reading, writing, and math for kindergarteners – 2nd graders who have IEPs.

This is my seventh year teaching special education at Osuna; I also spent 10 years teaching middle school English at Jefferson Middle School.

My Osuna Tiger pride runs deep; my own 3 children went to Osuna.

Students come to my class during their regularly scheduled reading or math times from their general education classroom. This will be a great year in our class. We are going to work together to help students identify and achieve goals that they set for themselves.

My teaching philosophy is that the key to helping students achieve to their full potential lies in engaging them in meaningful learning activities and giving them a sense of belonging. We celebrate successes in behavior and learning. Good learning behavior supports good learning, so we celebrate both.

To that end, please let me know if your child has any allergies to food; we often celebrate successes with little candies or popcorn or other treats. Please advise if you foresee any problems with this, and we can make alternate arrangements.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with your family this year! Should you ever have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me:

  • christina.leonard@aps.edu
  • 505-296-4811 ext 31928 (will not ring audibly between 7:50-2:00, but you can leave a message anytime.)
  • stop by room 201!

Daily Schedule

Kindergarten Math 8:30-9:45

1st & 2nd grade Math 8:00-9:45

Kindergarten ELA (English Language Arts) 9:45-10:45

1st grade ELA 9:45-11:15

2nd grade ELA 9:45-12:00