APS HEfferan Planetarium

Hefferan Planetarium will be accepting reservations for the 2024-2025 school year in August 2024. Due to budget cuts from APS, the amount of available showtimes during the 2024-2025 school year will be far fewer than offered over the last several decades. Teachers who are interested in bringing their students to planetarium shows should sign up in August or September (2024) to ensure showtimes are still available for their classes.

Hefferan Planetarium at ECA/CEC was has been showing students the universe since 1977. All kindergarten and 1st grade classes may sign up for a 30-minute show that highlights a focused area in astronomy. All 2nd grade through 5th grade elementary teachers may schedule their classes for a one-hour grade-level appropriate planetarium show/demonstration that promotes life-long learning in astronomy. The planetarium also offers shows for certain middle school and high school groups as well as various community groups. Hefferan Planetarium seats up to 66 students/adults per show.  Each show lasts about an hour. Approximately 10,000 APS elementary students see a show at Hefferan Planetarium every year.

Contact Info:

Director: John Glaser

Email: glaser_j@aps.edu

(505) 247-3658 ext. 45530

Show Times

Hefferan Planetarium is pleased to announce our shows are revamped and updated and will occur between August and the end of April. This year's show will focus on exciting aspects of the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe at that specific time of the year your show is scheduled. Contact the director, John Glaser, for possible shows.

Specialized show times may be available for APS employees/departments. Feel free to contact John Glaser and inquire about a specialized show.

Hefferan Planetarium has shows starting at 11:00 am on most weekdays. Specialized showtimes can be arranged if needed. Each show is between about 30 minutes to an hour in length, dependent on the academic level of the group attending. Contact the director, John Glaser, if you are interested in scheduling a show for your group/class.

Planetarium Show Pictures 

(with photobombs from "Nyx," our Motorola Viewlex IIB machine)

Planetarium Specifications

Model: Minolta Viewlex IIB

Nickname: Nyx

Installation Date: 1975

Grand Opening: 1977

Dome Size: 9.1 meters

Seats: 66

Yearly Attendance: Over 10,000 visitors