Welcome to 5th Grade

I am pleased to welcome you to the 2018 - 2019 school year! I am looking forward to having your child as a student. Fifth grade is such a fun year with so many wonderful learning activities to celebrate. In order to have a fun year, my most important goal is to create a family of learners in my classroom. I am committed to creating a classroom environment where your child is a valued, trusted, and integral part of our family of learners. In order to accomplish this, I have planned a variety of activities to emphasize and reinforce this goal. It is my hope that you will support and encourage this vision at home.

Our Values and Expectations

In our classroom...

  • We will be safe
  • We will be respectful
  • We will be responsible
  • We will be learners

Our Daily Class Schedule

Berry Class Schedule

Grading Policy

In this classroom, we utilize standards-based grading. This reporting system will provide you, your child, and your child’s future teachers with more detailed information than a traditional letter grade. Instead of a letter grade that encompasses months of different skills, your child will receive a proficiency score for each learning target, which will indicate your child’s strength and weaknesses in each skill.

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