Safe Zone

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

Sponsors: Connie Adkins & Silvina Farmin

Albuquerque High School Gender & Sexuality Alliance is a student-run club that serves to meet the social, education and advocacy needs of AHS students who identify as LGBTQ+ students and their allies. We meet during lunch on Tuesdays in Ms Adkins' room, room 903 in the Science Building. Ms Adkins and Ms Farmin are the sponsors of AHS GSA

AHS GSA Leadership Team meets during lunch on Mondays in Ms Adkins' room, room 903 in the Science Building. The AHS GSA Leadership Team is open to all AHS GSA members.

Safe Zone

AHS Safe Zone Lead Representatives: Connie Adkins & Silvina Farmin

AHS Safe Zone is a network of staff on campus who strive to provide a safe place for all students, especially those who identify as LGBTQ+. Ms Adkins and Ms Farmin are the Safe Zone representatives for Albuquerque High School.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students students face many barriers that can prevent them from feeling safe within their school environment including verbal and physical harassment and bullying. These students are at increased risk of homelessness and self-destructive behaviors which often result in attendance issues and/or higher drop-out rates.

Albuquerque Public Schools Safe Zone was designed to support LGBT students but is available to any other student as well. At Albuquerque High School, the designated Safe Zone Representatives are Ms Adkins and Ms Farmin. They are "safe adults" that students can go to if they need to report harassment, need help, or referrals to outside resources. There are additional Safe Zone volunteers on campus who have made a commitment to being safe adults and providing resources to students. All Safe Zone Volunteers identify their office or classroom by hanging a SAFE ZONE sign so that they are easily identified by students.