Are you an involved student?

Think you have what it takes to represent Appalachian State through amazing pictures, videos and snap filters?

Then apply below to be considered for our #AppStateStudentTakeover Program!

Tips when Applying:

  • You must sign in using your account to access the form AND be considered for a takeover.
  • If you have a specific week in mind, apply a few weeks in advance to increase your chances of selection.
  • Provide details on what things you would like to cover throughout your time during a takeover within the application.


Instagram Student Takeovers last for one full week. Takeovers will typically begin on Monday at 9:00am, to the following Sunday evening at 9:00pm.

Best for:

  • Showcasing your Appalachian Experience.
  • Letting campus know of an upcoming event.
  • Sharing your perspective of an event or on campus opportunity.


Snapchat Student Takeovers are flexible with dates. Takeovers typically will last only for the a single day or for the duration of an event.

What is #TuesdayTakeover?

Every Tuesday, a student will be selected to take over the snapchat on tuesday to showcase their life as a student at Appalachian!

What is a Special Edition Takeover?

Special Edition takeovers can happen anytime throughout the week. These takeovers typically feature students showcasing an event.

Best for:

  • Showing our audience a day-in-the-life of an App State Student.
  • Showing students how to get involved with something on campus.

Best for:

  • Taking App State 'behind the scenes' for an event.
  • Highlighting important campus moments.

How else can my organization utilize social media to let students know about on campus events?

Add your campus event promotional materials to the App State Snapchat!

Follow the link below to learn more and submit a graphic!