app state vs covid

What Is App State vs COVID?

The COVID-19 virus has disrupted all our lives in profound ways. Therefore, coming back to campus here at Appalachian State represents risks to students, faculty, staff and many other groups.

For this reason, Residence Hall Association has initiated a campaign called APPSTATE vs. COVID. The goal is to empower and utilize Appstate students to become active participants in slowing the spread of the virus by motivating infection control behaviors across campus such as wearing a mask and washing hands regularly. If we all join in and show that students are making a difference then, maybe, we will be able to stay on campus while protecting our community at the same time.

In order to assist in this endeavor an app called Habitood has allowed us to use them as a way of recording positive and negative infection control behaviors in Boone. The app collects the data so we can see where, as a community, Appstate is doing well or may need a little help! Below is a video that explains the idea behind this app and how to use it, along with QR codes to both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

Download the App!

Scan one of these QR Codes or click one of the links below to download the Habitood App and get started encouraging safe behaviors.

Some Important Info before you get started

  • It may take up to 24 hours for your account to activate. So don't get worried if you can't record those behaviors immediately!

  • Habitood is working on an update to allow you to self-select the dorm that you live in!

  • You will also be asked for a Business and Business ID, those can be found on to picture to the left

Apple Store Download Link

Google Play Store Download Link