Your school secretary can help you turn on the Google Classroom roster sync if your class lists are not syncing with Google Classroom. This requires that the "Classroom" box is ticked in your class sections in Synergy.

What is Vision by Netop

Vision is a Chromebook screen management tool available as a district wide pilot that allows teachers to:

  • View whole class grid of student screens
  • View individual student tabs
  • View open chrome apps
  • Showcase a single students screen
  • Share the teacher’s screen to students
  • Blank out student screens while locking keyboards
  • Push one or more URL to tabs on students Chromebooks
  • Focus students browsing to a predefined list of sites
  • Create/save teacher created lists of URLs for focused browsing by class, content, category

Professional Learning

Begin with a 14 min overview of all the features Vision has to offer with the video to the below.

Watch the 90 second video for a quick start.

Quick Start

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can specialists use this tool? Classes in Vision are rostered through Google Classroom, so the specialist would have to create a Google Classroom manually and then have students join the class using the code.
  • Is the use of this tool mandatory? This tool is not mandatory for teachers to use but a support some may want to help with managing classroom Chromebooks. Use only those features of the software that you are comfortable with and make sense for your students. Regardless of whether or not you use this tool, it's always best practice to have discussions with your students about digital citizenship and what is and is not appropriate.


Kevin Crotchett

  • Director of Learning Technologies
  • Ph: 503.916.3164
  • Email:

Melissa Lim

  • Technology Integration Specialist
  • Ph: 503.916.3030
  • Email:

Cat Nostrand

  • Technology Integration Specialist
  • Ph: 503.916.3029
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