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A tool for teaching research. Access to databases for doing research. Great for school reports.

Remember that encyclopedia set from grade school? It's now at your fingertips. Help your student learn about something that sparks their interest.

Students can log in to their library account using their PPS Google account. Renew your own books, see what has been checked out to you in the past, and place your own holds. Limit of 5 holds at a time. The catalog also has eBooks available to read online.

Instructions for login and use are in Ms. Gapp's Virtual Library.

Excellence in virtual learning, with resources for parents and educators.

All subjects, all exemplary apps and sites for learning. Handpicked by librarians around the country. Sites currently under consideration.

The above sites are used for quizzing students.

Grade Level Links for Library Instruction:

These sites reflect activities, lessons, and units undertaken during library instruction. Most sites are relevant to more than one grade and have resources for all elementary students.

5th Grade Classroom Links

Coding Unit Materials

Parents, sign your student up for an account, here.

5th Grade 1 Scratch class sign up

Coding is a language! Rather, there are many coding languages. Scratch is Ms. Gapp's favorite tool for teaching upper elementary students.

All 4th graders (and their families) have access to a free National Parks entry pass. More details here.

3rd Grade Classroom Links

Stop Motion Unit Materials

3rd Grade 1 Scratch class sign up

At Peninsula, Ms. Gapp has used the iStop Motion app (Apple) with students. There are many options however.

Stop Motion basics, sample worksheets. Subscribe for the complete curriculum.

2nd Grade Classroom Links

Tall Tales Unit

Amazing Words Vocabulary Unit

Requires access code. Contact Ms. Gapp for this. Access codes only avail. for 2nd grade.

Parents: Try Kodable at home with your student. Subscription required. Educator curriculum is free.

Kinder and 1st Grade Classroom Links

Read, play math games, watch kid friendly videos.

Make learning fun!

Explore our world with games, videos and short articles.

Read books online, or listen to books being read to you!

Tux Paint is available as a download for Windows, Mac and Android. Availability on a Chromebook is problematic.

Using a Mouse:

The activities below will help your student develop the fine motor skills necessary to operate a mouse. These can be played using a desktop and external mouse, laptop or Chromebook mousepad. Each mouse picture takes you to a different activity.

Literacy Activities:

Parents, check out additional literacy links to engage your student here.

My On is an online library of eBooks. Lexia is a literacy curriculum that adapts to your student's ability. Both are accessed via your student's Quick Card. Request a Quick Card for home use from your homeroom teacher of Ms. Gapp. Note: Lexia may not yet be working for the 2021-22 school year. However, My On is up and running!

Typing Activities:

Typing is a learned activity. We strive to teach students to use all of their fingers when typing, with the goal of beginning to memorize the QWERTY keyboard layout.

Typing Pal is a subscription curriculum paid for by Peninsula, not PPS.

Directions for access are here. Contact Ms. Gapp for your student's login credentials. The other sites listed here are free.

Online Smarts:

Parents, check out these links to teach your student about staying safe online.

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